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Bang Muay Thai

Bang Muay Thai is an online martial arts academy featuring exclusive content, ranging from Muay Thai Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, and mixed martial arts.

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What We Did

Bang Muay Thai has dozens of affiliates all over the world. Bit Riot built an interactive video platform for affiliates to get access to exclusive curriculum content on a rolling weekly basis. Through growth marketing initiatives, including weekly drip content, we added a new line of business for Bang Muay Thai and increased their revenues by 50%.

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Zero to V1

From just a twinkle in your eye to a full on product. Zero to V1 covers it all.

How We Did It

The Bang Muay Thai web application platform was built using Ruby on Rails, HTML/CSS, and Javascript. The subscription-based platform has hundreds of videos of content, built-in recurring billing system (using Stripe), a content management system for administrators to maintain and upload site content, a forum to allow affiliates and subscribers to discuss weekly content, and an e-commerce store.


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Ruby on Rails

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