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Meet Your Core Team

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We're a boutique Ruby on Rails development agency who takes scrappy to the next level. We take on the role of your first few hires to get your startup off the ground. Our team has been essential on dozens of launches. What can we help you build?

Why Rails?

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Active Community

Ruby on Rails is a mature framework with a rich, active community of developers. This means when you outgrow us, you'll have no trouble finding a Rails developer for your team.

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Rails has been battle tested by businesses small and large. Because of it's maturity you can focus on building products and not updating code because of breaking changes.

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Rapid Development

Convention over configuration drives rapid development. Because there is a "Rails way" to do things, we're able to employ non-proprietary libraries to build software fast.

Rails Projects We Ic ruby

Bang Muay Thai

Bang Muay Thai is an online martial arts academy featuring exclusive content, ranging from Muay Thai Kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu, and mixed martial arts.

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UMA is a revolutionary healthcare marketplace that allows patients to book appointments with doctors without insurance.

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Kobold Expedition Tools is a U.S.-based manufacturer of professional grade wristwatches and knives for explorers, pilots, divers and other adventurers.

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Bit Riot seamlessly and quickly took our company’s vision and made it a reality. With a crucial pitch on the horizon, and our need for a visual representation of that vision, their flawless execution of our website allowed us to deliver with complete confidence. They made us look like rock stars and we couldn’t have done it without them.


Kristen Bykowski

Co Founder,
Magic Bank


Nicole Rock

Co Founder,
Magic Bank

Before Bit Riot, I was sending out videos weekly via e-mail. They saw this pain point and built an e-learning platform that our affiliates and our members love. They handle the technology so I can focus on delivering content to our customers.


Duane Ludwig

CEO, Bang Muay Thai, Inc

Working with BitRiot for the last 10 months has been a great experience. Josh not only understands the technical side but is also very in tune with strategy. Jacqueline's creativity has helped us gain popularity with our platform. Highly recommend this amazing team!


Pedram Hendizadeh

Founder, UMA Health

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